Top 5 Design Tips to Enhance Your Luxury Beachfront Apartment

The 3 most important features of a luxury beachfront apartment in Israel are:

  1. Location! Beachfront needs to actually be a beachfront. If you have to walk a few blocks and make a left, it ain’t beachfront property. 
  2. View! The biggest appeal of beachfront properties in Israel and anywhere in the world is the ocean view. The more the merrier!
  3. Design! The interior design of your oceanfront facing apartment is critical. A beachfront apartment should provide an immediate feeling of relaxation and ease your day to day stress. 

When it comes to the interior design of your seaside vacation home or beachfront apartment there are plenty of ways you can make it add to the breathtaking appeal and value of your beachfront real estate investment.

Here are 5 design tips that will make your beachfront condo be as memorable as the view: 

  1. Layout – The layout in a beachfront apartment is key. The goal in a beachfront apartment is to maximize the view so make sure to have as open of a plan as you can with a limited amount of walls as possible.
  2. Theme – When it comes to the theme, it’s best to mimic and reflect the hues and textures of the specific environment in which your home is located within your interiors. Think of sand, ocean, sky, sunshine, and use those as a guide and starting point for your interior choices.
  3. Color palette – Colors will also depend on location. Shades like blue and neutrals like white, tan and gray would look great on a beachfront property in Israel, The best interior inspiration is found outside
  4. Furniture choice – The best furniture for a beach house will be comfortable, practical, and easy to keep clean. Think about storage and practicality, especially if you have limited space in which to work. Couches that fold out into extra sleeping areas are a great way to make use of space.
  5. Material choices – You can get a great beach apartment feel by layering different fabrics and materials. Rugs, cushions, baskets, wall hangings can all be incorporated into your current space to create that relaxed, laid-back feel that connects to that amazing coastal look and feel. 

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