The Buildings

The project’s buildings are a fascinating interpretation of the gradual transition from the public domain to the home, characterizing the traditional Mediterranean style of construction. The passage from a welcoming garden to a shady boulevard leading to the buildings to a spacious private lobby, provides an experience that gradually increases in intimacy until one reaches the entrance to the home. Each of the buildings has a spacious and bright private foyer and each includes only six apartments. An underground level provides parking and private storage units for each apartment.


jerusalem aerial view
park 8 scenic view of building
poolside with wine in jerusalem
entrance to park 8 jerusalem
entrance to a park 8 project

Lobby Exclusive

Lush Promenade

jerusalem flowers in baka
mortgage rates in israel

Landscaped Patio


Event Room

outdoor patio park 8 jerusalem
park 8 gym
entrance to the park 8 entertainment center
park 8 event room
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