Terms of Use of the Asden Israel website and Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Asden Israel Ltd. Website (hereinafter: “the site” and “Asden”, respectively) which you can browse using a personal computer or mobile phone.

Please read carefully the terms and conditions herein, as access to and use of the site is subject to them, including changes made to them from time to time.

A. Intellectual Property

  • The site and all content contained herein are protected under intellectual property law, including Copyright Law and Trademark Law. The content on the site includes, for example, videos, images, texts, illustrations, etc., as well as protected trade names and other symbols.
  • All rights in the site are reserved to Asden or owned by a person to whom the rights holders have authorized Asden to use.
  • A user of the website who believes that it contains content that should not be displayed for any reason, is asked to contact Asden by email to [email protected] and the content will be removed as long as his request is justified.
  • The use of the site and the content contained herein is permitted under the terms of “fair use” as understood in section 19 of the Copyright Law, 5768-2007. “Citations”), or Instruction and Examination by the educational institution provided that their use is fair in terms of the purpose and nature of the use; the nature of the work used; the extent of use in relation to the work as whole and the effect of use on the value of the work. Appropriate (credit) to the creator of the work and refrain from taking any abusive action in relation to the work, insofar as it may harm the honor of the creator.
  • Beyond that, it is strictly forbidden to make any other use of the site and the materials contained therein, including copying, distribution, sharing, making changes, creating links of the content, etc. without obtaining prior written permission from Asden.
  • In cases where a user of the site has received permission to use the work from the owner of the rights in it, the use of the work is subject to the terms of use given to him.
  • A user who uploads materials, information and comments to the site hereby grants Asden free and complete permission, without consideration, to use these, in any way, or through others, in any form, media and format.
  • In cases where a user of the site has received permission to use the work from the owner of the rights in it, the use of the work is subject to the terms of use given to him.
  • A user who uploads materials, information and comments to the site hereby grants Asden free and complete permission, without consideration, to use these, in any way, or through others, in any form, media and format.

B. Links to external sites

  • The site may have links that point to sites external to the site. These are created for the convenience of the user but are not under the control of Asden and Asden is not responsible in any way for the content that appears in them, so these links should not be considered as Asden’s approval or recommendation to say so.
  • A user of a website who believes that a link to content or an external website is not appropriate / correct for any reason, is asked to contact Asden by email at [email protected] and the link will be corrected / removed as long as his request is justified.

C. Privacy Policy

Gathering Information

  • Use of parts of the site may be conditional on registration to the site or on the provision of details and personal information (including a picture of the user’s face). You hereby undertake that the information and details provided by you are correct and accurate. Also, while browsing the site may collect and store information about the user of the site (hereinafter: “the information“).
  • The information items collected and stored by Asden as part of your use of the website are provided by you of your own free will and with your consent and they will be stored in the Asden database. You are not required by law to provide the information, but your failure to provide it may prevent you from using parts of the site or the services offered under it.
  • In addition, during the use of the website, information about you that does not identify you personally and is not stored together with your identifying information can be collected about you. This is statistical and cumulative information and can include, among other things, the pages you have viewed, the links selected in them, the Internet address (IP) from which you have applied and more. This information will be referred to below as “Non-Personally Identifiable Information”.


Use of Information

  • The use of information or non-personally identifiable information collected by Asden will be made in accordance with this privacy policy or the provisions of any law, in order, among other things, to allow you to browse the site and enjoy its services; Operate and develop the services and content offered on the site; Modify or cancel existing services and content; Purchase products and services on the Site (including advertising information and content); Match the ads / advertisements that will be displayed when you browse the site to your areas of interest; Subscribe to updates (direct mail); For Asden’s communications and customer service needs; Conduct research or statistical analyzes of surfing habits and their characteristics; Comply with the requirements of any law.
  • When you register on the site, you will be asked to indicate whether you would like to receive an e-mail from Asden in accordance with the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 1982. At any stage when you do not wish to continue receiving this email, you can request to remove your details from the direct mailing list:[email protected].


Providing information to third parties

  • Asden may transfer to third parties the information as well as the information that does not personally identify in the following cases:
  • To suppliers, business partners, service providers, contractors, companies that provide information storage services, and all in order to ensure the proper delivery of the services and content offered through the site, while maintaining your privacy;
  • In the event that you violate this Privacy Policy or if you perform through the website, or in connection with it, actions that are deemed to be unlawful, or an attempt to perform such actions;
  • In any dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and Asden;
  • To the extent required or required by law, if a court order or instruction is obtained from a competent authority instructing you to provide your details or information about you to a third party;
  • If Asden specializes in its activities to another corporation, for any reason, Asden may transfer to the new corporation a copy of the information stored about you or any statistical information in its possession, provided that the new corporation accepts the provisions of this privacy policy towards you;
  • When participating in activities advertised by Asden or when purchasing products or services sold on the site as part of a joint activity of Asden and third parties as will be displayed on the site before purchasing that product or service in order to complete the purchase process, manage relevant content and maintain contact with you;
  • You hereby give your consent that the transfer of the above information can be made to third parties located outside the borders of Israel, even if the law of the country to which the information is transferred or where the information is stored guarantees less protection than the information provided by Israeli law.



  • Cookies are text files that your browser creates on command from computers and servers. Some cookies will expire when the browser is closed and others are stored on the hard drive of the device you are using. Cookies contain a variety of information such as the pages you have visited, the length of time you have been on the site, where you came from, sections and information that you wish to see when entering the site and more.
  • Asden will be allowed to use “cookies” on the site to collect statistics about its use; Verification of details; Adapting the browsing experience in it and its contents to your personal preferences and information security needs.
  • If you want to avoid receiving cookies, you can do so by changing your browser settings. If you do not know how to do this, check the help file of the browser you are using.


Right to Review Information

  • According to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 (“Privacy Protection Law”), you are entitled to review the information about you held in Asden’s database. Subject to applicable law, please contact Asden to correct the information or delete it by email to [email protected].
  • If the information in the Asden databases is used for personal contact (direct mail), you are entitled under the Privacy Protection Law to demand in writing that the information relating to you be deleted from the database.
  • Deleting information at your request may eliminate the possibility of performing various actions and prevent the use of part or services of the site.


Right to apply to the Privacy Protection Authority

  • To the extent that you believe that we have violated your privacy under the Privacy Protection Law, you may at any time apply to the Privacy Protection Authority, which is the body entrusted in Israel with the implementation of the Privacy Protection Law and its regulations.
  • For your convenience, the following is a link to the public complaints and inquiries page on the Privacy Protection Authority’s website: click here

Information Security and Cyber Protection

  • As is well known, the Internet is exposed to various risks of infiltrating databases, copying or modifying information that appears in them, online scams such as “phishing” (theft of information by hostile parties while impersonating a competent party) and the like.
  • Asden takes advanced measures to secure the information stored on the site and the services provided through it, but naturally, it cannot completely prevent the realization of all the said risks. Accordingly, the user of the site hereby releases Asden and anyone on its behalf, from any liability for any damage, loss or expense that may be caused to him, directly or indirectly, during the use of the site or as a result of its use and contents.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to keep his identification information confidential to the site, as well as to act with caution and caution, for example, in relation to “phishing” messages, which may be sent, ostensibly, in the name of Asden. In doing so, Asden recommends using additional computer operating system security measures and appropriate software, as well as avoiding using the services identified on the site through computers and public networks.

D. Rules of conduct in the online environment

  • The Laws of the State of Israel apply to the site, and in some cases also laws that govern the transfer of information outside the borders of the state.
  • A user who uploads material, information or a response of any kind to a website bears full responsibility for his actions.
  • Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, it is strictly forbidden to upload content that harms the good name of others; Substances that harass or threaten others; Materials engaging in illegal activity; Substances that infringe on the intellectual property of another; Contemptible, pornographic, obscene, disrespectful or illegal material; Materials that include advertising or commercial solicitation; Materials related to partisan political activity and any material that includes, intentionally, misleading or inaccurate information intentionally uploaded to mislead other
  • The user is strictly prohibited from using the site and the services provided on it, including by way of disruption or burdening the services provided on the site, creating access to them remotely, by any means, copying materials from the site by technological or other means, etc. Prohibition on interfering with the use or enjoyment of another user of the site or unauthorized access to the site or other users’ accounts on it.

E. Responsibility

  • The service offered to users of the site is “AS IS”.
  • Asden will not be responsible for adapting the services provided within the site to the user’s needs, nor will it be responsible for errors or omissions in the materials or information presented on the site. In this way, Asden will not be liable for any damage or expense caused to the user or any third party as a direct or indirect result of the use of the site, including damage caused due to the use of software applications downloaded directly through the site or activated as a result of using the site directly or indirectly.
  • The user confirms that he is aware that there may be malfunctions in the operation of the site as a result of downtime or malfunction of the Internet, whether as a result of force majeure or operation or upgrade or as a result of any malicious action by a third party and / or as a result of any malfunction, or someone on her behalf.
  • Asden will not be responsible for changes made to the material displayed on the site, by the user or by any third party.
  • Asden has the right, at its discretion, to review publications of any kind that are uploaded to the site, by users or any other party, by editing or removing them – in whole or in part – for any reason, without notifying the advertiser in advance or in retrospect.

F.  Miscellaneous

  • “Asden” as defined above, includes all its employees and representatives.
  • Asden may change the terms of use of the website at any time, and any such change will take effect immediately upon its presentation on the website.
  • Asden may suspend, discontinue or refrain from providing access to the Site or Services to a user who does not comply with the Terms of Use or some of them, or if Asden or any competent authority investigates suspected unlawful conduct or terms of use while using the Site, at Asden’s sole discretion.
  • For any inquiries or questions regarding the activity of the site, you can contact us via the email address [email protected].
  • Jurisdiction: The terms of use of the site and any claim or dispute related to these terms of use will be heard in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel and will be decided in the competent court in Jerusalem only.
  • The Terms of Use of the site and the site itself are worded in masculine for convenience, but apply to both men and women.