Luxury Beachfront Apartments For Sale In Israel

Luxury Beachfront Apartments in Israel

Luxury beachfront apartments on Israel’s shoreline are the hottest new trend that is literally making waves across the country!

It began in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, and Netanya and is spreading now to cities Ashkelon, Hadera, and beaches all over the country. More and more people in Israel are looking to live by the sea, and new zoning permits are now making beachfront living a reality. Between people buying vacation homes next to the sea, investing in beachfront luxury apartments projects on the shoreline, and others moving into their dream home on the beach, luxury beachfront apartments are in high demand and are going fast. Living in luxury apartments on the sea in Israel means living daily in front of the most relaxing view in the world, listening to the beautiful sound of waves and seagulls, and being free from the busy noises of buses, neighbors, and the hustle and bustle of city life. Those who get to live in luxury beachfront apartments, get to start their day with morning workouts on the beach, continue into the afternoon with calming walks along the coast, and finish off their day with breathtaking sunsets over the ocean horizon that never disappoint. It truly is a magical and surreal experience, and for many a dream come true. If you haven’t purchased a beachfront property in Israel yet, here are a few reasons to consider doing so. 


Why You Should Be Buying Property Along Israel’s Beaches

  1. Great Market Value – Beachfront properties are a great investment because of the universal and consistent draw to the mesmerizing aspects of beachfront living. People always want to live along the beach! Property everywhere else is affected by market and cultural trends, but high-value beachfront apartments tend to hold their value and almost always go up over time. 
  2. Limited supply – The coastline is simply limited in its development opportunities and the limitations of building close to the shoreline are such that prevent future inventory from being developed. Though ocean-view apartments are attractive, beachfront properties that offer a complete unobstructed never-to-be-blocked view are scarce and in very high demand. 
  3. Great Rental Potential – If you’re not buying a beachfront property for yourself, it’s the perfect rental property. Tourists and visitors always want beachfront property, and there’s rarely a shortage of demand for those looking for these sought-after vacation properties. Visitors and tourists are also likely to pay a much higher price for property on the beach, making rental vacation homes also a great financial investment. Renting out your beachfront property during peak beach season times may even be so lucrative that it can often allow owners to live there the rest of the year in their apartment with the money earned from peak season rentals. 
  4. Beachfront Activities – Living along the beach opens the door to a range of new hobbies and daily activities you can partake in that you would have never had the opportunity to enjoy before. You can take up boating, fishing, surfing, kayaking, swimming, and a ton of other water-related activities. Even just walking along the coast every day is a beautiful and relaxing activity that you now have easy access to. 
  5. The Scenic View – Owning a beachfront apartment allows you to watch the calming waves, smell the beautiful sea air, feel the soft sun, and take in the incredible feeling that encompasses living along the beach. You will be a happier person and it’s even scientifically proven! Studies show that those living near “blue spaces” often display higher levels of happiness than those in cities and suburbs. Higher levels of vitamin D, a more attuned sense of mindfulness, and better living will do that for you! Investing aside, some will say beachfront properties are worth all the money in the world. 
  6. The Perfect Vacation Home – Even if you don’t make your beachfront property your permanent home, it makes a great vacation home for you and your family whenever you have the urge to get away or need a break from the busy everyday life. You won’t have to worry about booking rooms in advance, extra costs, or logistics, because you will already have everything in place and set to your liking. Beachfront properties can be a great gift to pass on to future generations as well. Having a family beach home that the children and grandchildren can visit on vacation is a beautiful gift to share. 


Beachfront Apartments in Tel Aviv & Netanya

It’s not just beachfront apartments in general that are so attractive though, but specifically beachfront apartments in Israel that are all the rave. Tel Aviv & Netanya were the first in the country to enter the beachfront luxury property game and they are now some of the most sought-after properties in the nation. Apartments along the beach often sell for close to $5 million, many of which increased +9% in the last year alone. This past month, one luxury apartment in Tel Aviv sold for a total of 43 million shekel! These apartments are highly sought after because in these cities they combine the luxury lifestyle of oceanfront living with ease of access to the city itself. You get all the beauties and advantages of living along the beach while at the same time being close to some of the trendiest and coolest cities in the country. You get access to the sun and the water in your backyard while also being able to dine at the best restaurants, drink at the coolest bars, and engage in some of the most entertaining cultural events Israel has to offer. They may be expensive, but if you can afford it, it’s a phenomenal investment. 

Beachfront Apartments in Ashkelon

Beachfront apartments in Ashkelon are likely growing faster than anywhere else in the country. Ashkelon’s population has grown more than 25% in the last decade and the beachfront is why. The beach in Ashkelon is gorgeous and a fraction of the price compared to cities like Tel Aviv, Netanya, and Herzliya. It’s also calmer, slower-paced, and the people are incredibly warm, making it a particularly attractive destination for the older retiree population. Ashkelon also hosts its own sports arena, national park, cycling trails, sea park, and has no shortage of restaurants to dine in, making it a great place for the entire family to enjoy. 

דירות יוקרה על הים

Beachfront Apartments in the up-and-coming city of Hadera 

Another successful growing area for beachfront properties is Olga Beach, in Hadera. Hadera is a super attractive location for luxury beachfront apartments because of its central location between Tel Aviv and Haifa and is easily accessible with public transportation. Along the beach in Hadera, you will find some of the most exquisite beaches in Israel with crystal clear turquoise colored water as well as the beautiful Ge’dor Nature Reserve ‘with its famous Kurkar stone ridges and beautiful natural sand dunes. This strip of beach is a common destination for amazing photoshoots and postcard-like images of models, brides, and spectacular sunsets. Hadera is also home to the beautiful Hadera River with its developed Park, where you can hike, swim, picnic, and enjoy the breathtaking views in the area. Of course, the city also hosts the beautiful Mall Hof Village, modeled after a picturesque European town and surrounded by romantic lighting, plants and trees, and benches to sit. The mall was designed to optimize the breeze and air coming from the sea to provide shading and comfort for the centralized boulevard in the mall. Hof Village is filled with shops, designer stores, attractions for families and children, cafes, and even its own surf pool! And if that isn’t enough, Hadera is also just a short stop away from Caesarea, home to one of Israel’s two Golf courses in the country. It’s not surprising that luxury beachfront apartments in Hadera are becoming the new go-to destination for those who seek to own an apartment by the sea. 

Upcoming Beachfront Apartments In Israel

Living on the luxury beachfront in Israel is truly living a dream. Many wake up in the morning to hot coffee on their beachside terrace taking in the pleasant breeze from the sea and looking out into the water. With just a few minutes’ walk to the sea, they have everything they need and they have the freedom to truly enjoy their lives. Many luxury beachside apartments in Israel now include their own gyms and pools and have all the luxuries of a modern-day building complex, but with a shoreline view to accompany it. Luxury beachside apartments are the perfect real estate investment.  We soon expect to release more information about our new breathtaking beachfront towers, just 200 meters from the sea. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting project and start imagining how special owning a luxury beachfront apartment in Israel could be for your family.


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